I always wondered: Why do past times seem beautiful? How come the good old times have a tendency to look far better once they are said and done? Despite the fact that we were – pretty much like now – full of over thinking and struggling through them?

Is it because they are finished? That everything has been said and done? The fat lady sang? They can’t hurt us any more? All of these are plausible answers for the aforementioned question.

Why am I afraid of living the moment?

This is a defensive mechanism that I developed early on in life. Having expectations is a gamble.
On the flip side there is the benefits of whatever you are expecting happening. However piling disappointments will take its toll no matter how thick your skin is.

Fear of jinxing things

I am secretly afraid that by mentioning a good thing going that I’d ruin it for myself. Despite the fact how little control that I have as a human over anything. The first example that comes to mind was fearing to think my team was going to win the “Seria A”, even when they were the prime candidate to win. They did win eventually but that’s only highlighting this school of thought.
I firmly believe that it’s best to keep quiet about the good things.

The art of Mindfulness

Having a sense of appreciation for the current times is an antidote for savoring the aftertaste of life rather than actually living it.
Appreciating what life has to offer and being thankful for the good things is a mindset I wish to grow and cultivate in myself.

What about you dear reader? Are you a more optimistic person? Or you are stuck in a state of savoring the past? Comment below and let me know what you think.