Hey there 🙂 And welcome to a new post 🙂

 A huge part of being a geek is being the first to go to / call when computers fail! I don’t know why!
This time it’s not related to Linux, not directly at least!
For this particular issue this laptop was an e-machines running windows 7 home edition. It was a bit old and the battery was depleted. The same laptop from this post actually!

What’s wrong with it?

It had to be connected all the time or it would power off attempting to save the session, if it failed doing so it would refuse to power up again! When I press the power button after connecting it to power it shows the boot logo then it powers off right away!!
Many people would assume that the system is gone! And they need to reinstall it.
The first thing to do is to check the drive using a Linux CD or a Bootable USB. You will see that the system drive is intact. Then what is the problem?
The repeated power failures ruin the boot files located in the hidden boot partition, and the only way to fix them is by repairing the boot!

The fix is pretty simple!

1. Enter the windows installation disk or USB installer, it has to be the same version as the windows installed!: e.g Professional, home premium etc. In this case we need home premium. (Fell free to test with another version and tell me what you got 😉 )
2. At the install Windows window , choose the language and keyboard (As your system settings ).
3. Select advanced options ( You will find it below the installation options to the left of the screen)
4. From there you will find four options, pick repair boot (First option) and hit OK.
After a reboot your computer will be OK!
As simple as that! Sorry I have no pictures. It’s because the setup menu has no print-screen functions (AFAIK).

P.S: I have made this fix a couple times! I noticed at some extreme cases the boot screen won’t even show! Go to bios menu and make sure the F12 menu is enabled. Then boot from boot disk or USB 😉