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Facebook no more

Facebook has became one of the most visited sites on the planet! Everybody has an account or two on it! It’s very popular and very entertaining! With everything you like and the chance to communicate with almost anybody anywhere on earth! It’s amazing isn’t it?

No! Not really..

If checking Facebook is the first thing you do when waking up and the last before you go to sleep. You might be hung up on the site, no you say? When was the last time you checked yours?

It’s more serious than you think. The term “Facebook addiction” is not a laughing matter!!


Have you stopped to think how much time you spend on Facebook? How many times you log in “just to see what’s going on”?

Sites like this should support your life, don’t let it take away your life!

When was the last time you spoke to someone? Read a book? Did one of the hobbies you forgot after signing in to Facebook?

If you answered the previous questions with long thinking pauses. You are in trouble!

The site is designed to be a maze! Once you get in you lose your way out!

Does a like mean anything now? A simple “lol” is how we laugh? Will we save the starving people in Africa by sharing a picture? Is this the future of mankind?


Get out of Facebook and reclaim your life.

know you feel skeptic about all this. But all my friends are there! I play my games on it! It’s my source of news and current events. I can’t get out!

Really? What was your life before that? You make it sound like Facebook is your whole life!

Once you quit Facebook you will gain many benefits:

A lot more time!

You would be amazed by the time you used to spend on Facebook! And the things it kept you from doing! Instead of Facebooking about it, go do it!


You will save money!

You won’t believe the amount of things you bought just because you saw in an ad on Facebook or because someone you know bragged about it on Facebook!

A good night sleep!

You will enjoy a sound asleep! You won’t care about the post you had a fight on, or how many likes your new photo has got. You won’t be woken up in the middle of the night by an annoying chat. Or notifications from a post you liked without paying attention. This is very risky. The site is on all the time. 24 hours a day. This messes with your sleeping cycle. There is ALWAYS something to do. Someone is online to talk to. Good bye sleep cycle and hello insomnia. Thus more Facebook.

Piece of mind

With all that useless crap out of your life, the levels of stress and anxiety are bound to drop! You will feel much more relaxed. And it’s all thanks to you walking away out of Facebook.

 See the pun here?


You will think for your own

No more know it all jerks to tell you how to live your life! How to dress, where and what to eat, where to spend the next vacation. Or those hair transplant ads 😛
No more of being a brainless zombie who checks his pocket every 30 seconds to see who did what or who is feeling down.


Your life is yours again

Your privacy is a rare treasure to keep in this digital age. It’s very awkward one someone you barley know asks you: How do you feel after you broke up with (…) after an 18 month relationship? What? How did you know? Oh wait..

Your battery and data plan will thank you!

It depends on your browsing and device type. But if you were like me, oh man will they thank you or what? I was a wreck! Daily online. Liking and commenting on. No matter where or when. Even on my desk working or even at driving (Never again)!!


You will be more productive!

Have you heard the joke going: What’s the best way to make money out of Facebook?
Go to Account settings Deactivate account. And get to work!
It’s true! Do you know how much the economy loses every year because of delayed work? Delayed because office workers are Facebooking? A lot! (Google it).
As simple as that: You will do more.


Speaking of work, you will increase your chances of keeping your job or getting a new one!

You don’t believe me? How many people have been fired because of something they posted on Facebook? A lot!
A lot of people add their colleagues and managers on Faceook, which means merging personal life with work and social media.
Many people forget that the rants they post can be misinterpreted, or pretending to be sick while you are actually on the beach (true story and the employee was fired on the spot because her manager saw her post).
n many cases, human resources depend on Facebook to learn about the true identity of people who applied for jobs (not the neat things they have written in their resume), many people are rejected based on their interests, friends and posts.
When I say that Facebook could get you fired or keep you unemployed, you better believe it!


You will lose weight!

I’m not joking with you! Combine all the elements! You are out there. In the sunlight. Smelling the fresh air. Walking and working. Seeing people and interacting. You will move more, thus losing more weight. Magic!!

After all these reasons I think you began to change your mind dear reader. And if you still don’t believe me. Take the following challenge:


The 24 hour abstinence challenge

Stay away from Facebook for 24 hours. Seems like nothing huh? I’m not finished.

You aren’t allowed to log into the site. Check notifications. Read e-mail notifications. In short for 24 hours I want you to pretend like you don’t have an account. Come back later and tell me when did you crack 😉

f you experience a mild headache and the recurrent tendency to check your phone / tablet / PC over and over again. You need help. And bad! (Just assuming).

And you have (unknowingly) took the first step of getting out!

Try to deactivate your account for a day. Just that. No need to rush things (Only an idiot tries to quit cold turkey).

Then reactivate it. And try for two days. And like wise.

Attempting to quit

Only after leaving the site for weeks on end you can truly value life without it. And if you are the kind to check the site once in every blue moon this post isn’t really for you. I’m talking about the guys who walked in and never found the way out!
Please be nice and let the people you know and care for that you are leaving the site, and leave contact information, unless you want to go “off the grid”..


What’s the alternative?

You don’t need 3000+ friends and 7 pages to manage! That’s just too much.

Leave your closest people nearby. There are a lot of great ways. Go see them for a change! If they live away call them! Fear the high toll of calls use Voip services like Viber or Whatsapp for example. In the end it’s up to you.

Texting can be fun. Done the right way and in the right time with the right person! And the aforementioned apps can help too!

Nothing beats sitting there. Talking to people face to face. I fear that this digital age had driven us apart. And when the world has become a small village. Our homes became a vast desert!

It’s a trouble sign when a married couple who live under the same roof exchange emails or Facebook messages. While being in the same house!!


Final words

I hope this post helped you realize what a bad idea it was to sign up to Facebook. And no it’s not free if you think of it. You are anything but free.

Keep in mind. Theses so called social networks are supposed to support your existing life. Not to become it..

This won’t be my last post on the subject. I will add some more input. But as always your input is very important. Comment below and tell me what you think of this post. And if you like it so much 😉 then join my blog to get the latest feeds. And subscribe to my mailing list. 100% free!!!

Have a nice one!! 🙂
have made an Arabic version of this post, feel free to check it out!