Dual booting can bring many perks if done properly. It’s like having two computers working together. And a really good idea in case one of the systems fails, you will have a configured running system and your work flow won’t be affected by the fail. As I had to fresh install Windows 10 from scratch (because the rollback failed).

There are some minor disturbances to take care of first. And those are mostly caused by Windows.

1. Ruins the dual boot.

I have a complete post about this topic! No matter what you do. Installing Windows will erase any grub boot data and you won’t be able to access your other system (in my case it was Xubuntu) I made a whole post dedicated to this as a part of the dual boot saga. So please checkout the post for the fix.

2. Time is always wrong

As you use Windows you will notice your time settings are forgotten every time you shutdown.

  • This is quite easy to fix as you just need to edit a registry key to set the time once and for all. From run open regedit.exe and navigate to :
  • Create a dword32 key and name it “RealTimeIsUniversal” And set the value to 1 by double clicking on it.
  • Lastly reboot to Ubuntu and then to Windows and your issue will be fixed.

3. Error mounting drives

3. I couldn’t mount the data drive because Windows is still not totally shutdown, the drives are being used to “fast boot” in order to be able to use the drive without error, we need to disable fast boot. The screenshot shows an error caused by fast boot on Windows.

Error mounting drive in Ubuntu
Since it’s caused by Windows, we go and disable it from Windows.
Go to Start menu and type: Power Options and click on the choice.
Type in power options in the search bar
From there click on choose what the power buttons do.
Click change settings that are currently unavailable to unlock the greyed options.
change settings that are currently unavailable
Then uncheck turn on fast startup. And close the window.
Uncheck turn on fast startup
Once the fast boot is disabled you will be able to access all the drives from Ubuntu without a problem.
Here I tried to list my experience on dual booting to help with these three bugs I faced twice. I hope you find it useful 🙂