BlueGriffon is back to a steady path of development after being marked inactive by this time version 2.0 is in the works and recently a first preview version was posted on-line.

It released 1.8 in October and now 2.0 is under development!

I’ve downloaded the version and tested it on Ubuntu, what I noticed immediately is hat the color scheme is different, and that the toolbar that has been carried along since the days of nVU (one of the earliest open source web author systems).


BlueGriffon 2.0 interface

It enhanced the way that panes are displayed, instead of being awkward pop-up windows now it implements tabs which make better use of the screen.

This version isn’t fully functional and far from complete, but I had to break in the good news!
What I really hope for (and I suggested this to the developers already) that a PPA would be used (personal package archive) that way BlueGriffon will be isntalled easily and updated with the system automatically, and catograized peroperly within the applications (it’s now a portable App that needs to be extracted to the root of your computer).

I think the version 2.0 will be the best one yet, and I hope it fixes all the bugs from 1.8

Will you download the test version? What do you think?

Update: Version 2.0 and 2.1 are released! Check the review from this link!!