Until one of my readers asked me this question, I thought I posted about this, turns out I didn’t! Let’s take a look at some of the perks that Windows phone has!
It’s an opinion piece, so don’t get all worked up 😉

  1. Part of the chosen few

    Having a Windows phone is unique, it’s unlike owning an Android device, they have a distinct look and feel to them that only a few can appreciate.

    Excellent lineup of Lumia phones
  2. Simpler interface

    The interface is really easy to navigate through, no fuss and no unneeded widgets that get in the way.

    Windows phone interface
  3. Minimalist approach to the smart phone

    Many people complain that this “app” or that don’t exist for Windows phone, but the fact is the basic stuff exist with great support, while keeping the rust of the clutter out of the box.

  4. Less prone to malware

    Since Windows phone owns less that 3% of market share, it’s less likely to be targeted with malware, unlike Android who owns over 57% of the market share.

  5. Business phone to the core

    it reminded me of the E-series back at the day, phones that were built for business and comes packed with tools to help you work, Windows phone 8.1 comes with Windows’s own personal assistant “Cortana” (Later ported to Android) and many other apps like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, OneNote, tools that help you work, let’s not forget the excellent keyboard that comes pre-installed with the system, and the excellent integration with Windows computers.

  6. Motion data

    It’s a unique feature of Windows phone that allows your phone to graph your movements via the sensor core and display it in a graphical interface, very accurately and with no impact to battery life and show what applications could use the motion data too. This feature isn’t available for other platforms such as Android and iOS. While Cortana (which was only available to Windows phone) became available for Android and iOS too, even when iOS have Siri as a virtual assistant by default.

Final words

These are some of the reasons I thought of to chose Windows Phone over Android, Keep your options open and don’t stick to one thing, I’ve used several Android smart phones in the past like the Samsung SII And Be Elite 2, and who knows what the future might hold?
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Did you like this post? Would you consider buying a Windows phone in the future? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!