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Hey there you guys, How are you keeping?

I hope you are doing good!
I’ve been quite busy these days! Many things happening and I am struggling to keep up. One of these things is my brother’s laptop!
My brother is a new Ubuntu user. He spent all his life using Windows then he decided to take the jump. I advised him to take his time and study it thoroughly. Because using a new operating system takes time to get used to. He did what I told him and he was more than happy to have Ubuntu, but that’s when problems started to happen!!

At first. It was the “Press S to escape problem”. The option I didn’t do anything and the usually bullet fast Ubuntu boot took 10 minutes! And none of the fixes I came across on Askubuntu fixed it. There I had to do the unforgivable!

I formatted the drive and reinstalled Ubuntu! I thought that would fix the problem. Sadly I was mistaken!
Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery!

A new problem emerged! This time it was the dreadful ”error reading sector 0xx Problem in HD 0” . I ignored it and tried a workaround! (That’s after checking the drive using Gparted) I was faced back with the “Press S to escape problem” again!!
At this point, I was losing it totally!!
I tried some fixes and the problem went away! Soon after he came to me and said he couldn’t install anything!
For the third time in two weeks I took the computer to repair it. And after a day and a night I was hopeless!
The system isn’t responding to any repair attempt. And it’s driving me insane.
After some lucky Googling it turns out that the problem was in the HDD itself! A quick test using Partedmagic boot disk confirmed my doubts! We had to throw out the old HDD and get a new one.
Now I’m hoping that this would finally solve his problem! So I can find some time to do other things, say post to this blog maybe 😉
Anyway while I worked on it I learned many things and tricks that will help me with Ubuntu even more. And it made me consider re-writing a post I made some time back. Can you guess what it was?
Ubuntu is a great system, and all these problems didn’t make me lose faith in it. I felt like sharing what was I up to so you guys know!

And if you get any of the error code mentioned above. Take a look at the HDD. It could save you tons of time!!


What did you think of this post?  Did you ever have these problems?
Let me know what you have in mind in the comments section below!