Installing Gnome 3.12 on Xubuntu 14.04

Installing Gnome 3.12 on Xubuntu 14.04

< In my effort to make some change into my daily work flow, I decided to install a new interface, and then found myself hopping between interfaces, now I had Cinammon running alone on my computer but..

Cinammon interface

Since I had a thing for Gnome, I decided to install it on my system.

< Gnome was Ubuntu's default interface until 2011, where it was replaces with Unity, if you go to and download it, you will be getting Unity, there is a fork of Ubuntu (alternative version) that runs the Gnome interface called Ubuntu Gnome.

< Gnome has a loyal following and many people prefer it over Unity, turns out I do too! (Cinammon is built on Gnome 2).

< Installing it was very easy as it was in the software center!
After adding the packages from the software center, I was able to login to Gnome 3.12.2 (last version supported by Ubuntu 14.04)

< Visually I wasn't disappointed at all! It was so good I dropped Docky and Kupfer to enjoy the native features it has!

< So good I uninstalled Cinnamon the next day! Now I was running gnome alone on my computer, which isn't bad at all. I noticed that Gnome classic didn't load any interface items what so ever, but I'll update this section as soon as I figure it out. Hopefully.