It so happened that I gained a ton of mainstream interest. I blogged about Libyan passports before and every time the registration opens my views spike, today it reached a record of 3696 views in one day! It took me months to get to that number back when I first started blogging! I’m glad all that hard work is finally paying off!


My blog reaching record views!

And then the coolest thing happened, the wonderful Mrs. Khadija Teri mentioned my blog in one of her blog posts!
I was a part of three Libyan interesting blogs, a true honor and a real traffic source! I feel blessed!
Mrs. Khadija says she wants to pickup on her blogging and return the golden age of blogging before social networks took over, I’m all in for that, and being the Anti-Facebook blogger that I am, I encourage everyone to start blogging and making some effort rather than being used by Facebook!
 I’ve written a series of posts talking about the dangers of facebook, and I would like for you to check them out, the information in these posts have made me take the decision of leaving the site once and for all. And I don’t regret it one bit!

I’ve decided to prepare a little surprise for my readers once my blog reaches 100K god willing.
Stay tuned.