As I was updating my newly installed Windows 8.1 Pro. I came across a familiar icon! It was the Get Windows 10 icon sitting on my taskbar! I wouldn’t have thought that I’m eligible for another download after I downloaded Windows 10, upgraded to it, clean installed it , and finally remove it and get back to Windows 8.1 !!

You can see the date and time to know it’s today!

Well that was a rich reading material wasn’t it?!

I took my time experimenting with Windows 10 on my personal computer, installing and uninstalling again and again, I didn’t even use a virtual machine. NOOOO! I used my everyday computer to do these experiments!

For obvious reasons I’m not falling for that upgrade offer once again! And I have some other reasons to add to that list. So checkout that post!

I think I’ve had enough install/uninstall action for the rest of my life! Let alone the countless updates, the time wasted and the data charges I’m paying for all of this mess.
I’m finishing my updates and that’s that. No more upgrades on this device for me. And I don’t recommend anyone to upgrade to Windows 10!