It’s just two days away separating us from the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS!
Yet it seems like there is nothing, no one is talking about the imminent release!


 16.04 almost here!

I’ve been covering Ubuntu 16.04 since the first Alpha, you can tell how much I’m excited for this release since I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Taher ever since it was released! Down to the first Beta and second beta released,
What surprises me isn’t the lack of media coverage from big tech sites and mainstream attention, I’m really stunned that Ubuntu themselves aren’t covering the event at all!
I am following Ubuntu’s twitter account closely, and nothing about Ubuntu 16.04 was tweeted, nothing at all! Not even a tweet!
Now I understand that Canonical has more profiting projects to cover and that Ubuntu for the desktop draws little if any money at all, but that doesn’t mean to completely ignore the release!

My take on the issue in 144 letters!

It would be awful if Ubuntu’s release was announced after it was actually released, or worse! A couple days after..


Why all the excitement? It’s just an OS

This release has interesting features and updates! Most notably the addition of a new Kernel (Linux 4.4), I’m personally hoping for better power management.
And lets not forget this is an LTS version, so 5 years of updates off the bat!
It is, it’s just an operating system, so as Mac OS and Windows 10, but Ubuntu is always special!


What the public wants?

Even blogs that specialize in covering Ubuntu news aren’t hyping the release! Take OMGUbuntu for example! According to a recent poll the conducted 66.76% of the people who voted said they will upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 “As soon as possible”, 8,282 to this date, and 27.1% answered “Yes, but not right away”, those totaled in at 3,412. And 3% are undecided (to me these are potential yes)!

When will be Ubuntu 16.04 released?

I think that’s the million dollars question, according to the wiki it will be released on April the 21th if everything goes according to plan, I’m not sure about other Ubuntu flavors, this date is for Ubuntu that ships with the Unity interface.


Never forget who you are!

I know that Canoical is busy promoting the new Ubuntu tablet (which is pretty cool by the way!) and it’s cloud services, let alone the shock that Ubuntu runs from CMD on Windows 10 now (that needs a whole post to vent to be honest!). All of that success was built on the platform that is good old Ubuntu for desktop!
I hope that Ubuntu doesn’t lose itself trying to reach out of it’s current Eco-system.

How did you like this post? It’s pretty much a part of my Ubuntu 16.04 hype! Please let me know what you think and share it with your people!

Minor update
OMGUbuntu’s account on twitter posted a tweet about 16.04. That’s a start..
And now a day before the release they started hyping, which is good!