Nvu and Kompozer are two discontinued open source projects that focus on WYSIWYG webdesign. The rise of HTML5 and Content management systems pretty much killed these tools and similar tools.

Despite this, Kompozer remains a popular tool for beginners, many tutorials are written around it.

Here I’ll provide a bundle of themes and add ons for both Nvu and Kompozer 0.7.10.

Important notice

This will not work on Kompozer 0.83B. There are no themes available for that version as far as I know.


Click on the link to download the file. All themes and addons are tested with Nvu 1.0 and Kompozer 0.7.10

Most of these were scavenged from the web archive, and from obscure sites around the web.


DOM explorer will cause a start up crash in Kompozer. It runs normally afterwards but I uninstalled it to reduce the annoyance.

Some themes will replace the Kompozer logo with Nvu, that’s normal. Since Nvu themes are compatible with Kompozer 0.7.10.

If I manage to get any more add ons or themes, I’ll update the file and the post.


I spoke to the lead developer on Twitter (Fabien Cazenave) asking for some help. He apologized saying that it has been a long time and he doesn’t know if they are valid themes for it.