Using a timer is essential for productivity and fitness using a computer, as it helps you maintain focus and mental agility. Let alone preventing RSI which is a serious issue that affects computer users worldwide.

Timer apps on Linux

There aren’t many good timers for Ubuntu, but this one is clearly different!  
I tried many timers for my productivity use like the timer dockelt on Docky and world timer, I also tried RSI Timer,  but something always felt missing! 

Pomodro timer

Pomodro timer is the best of the bunch. 


This timer for Linux only as it supports several distros like: ArchLinux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSuse, Ubuntu and more.
It integrates with the interface and works nicely with the notifications. *Gnome only currently.

Work Flow

It’s a must have as it supports a whole work session without the need of manual interfering. It’s better than Gnome clocks which sets one Alarm and the program Alarm that needs a lot of configuration. It’s almost as good as instant boss. Supports productivity and efficiency. While keeping you aware of moving and taking frequent breaks. 
I’ve been able to work it into Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and it’s been working like a charm, even making use of the notifications, very nice!


It can be downloaded freely from the site for many Linux distributions (Linux only), to download go to the site and scroll down to download. 

It runs perfectly on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.4 and Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 without a problem.

Did you like this timer? Will you be downloading it? Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.