150,000 page views!

Looking at the status bar at my blog I realized that I have reached 150 thousand views, and you might have noticed that I didn’t post a status update like this in a while. I decided to celebrate the bigger milestones, as they began to happen more often (thankfully). 150K […]

90,000 page Views!

Today I noticed that I reached 90,000 page Views!!Another significant milestone on my blog while reaching for my goal of 100,000 views which doesn’t seem too far away!  There are some changes and things I’d like to address in this site update Blogging about Libya in Arabic The 90,000 views […]

Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS released

Ubuntu 14.04.4 was recently released and it comes with a bunch of bug fixes and security features since 14.04.3 What are the new features in this release? Support for new hardware and stability. One of the hardware features that really captured my eye is the Hardware stack,. Ubuntu 14.04.04 had […]